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" Transparency in your attitude will win trust from everyone "

Transparent & rug free

Little Mountain Goat is rug-free, community-driven project and has an active team. We believe that the Crypto World should be a level playing field for all and we aim to ensure that.

Immobile Dev Wallets

The dev wallets won’t be tapped into. Any transaction made would be disclosed to the community.


The Little Mountain Goat has been created acknowledging the principles of modernization, we intend to create a platform to cater to every aspect of the Crypto world that one could think.


About Us

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning”

Benjamin Franklin

The team at Little Mountain Goat welcomes you to our ever-growing family. We plan to revolutionize the Crypto World while being on your side of the coin. The team is delighted and excited about the future, join us and together we would reach the unthinkable.

The token would be primarily used for charity. The beneficiaries of these noble acts would be decided by community-driven polls. The Mountain Goat has been one of the most hunted animals in the world. They are poached for their meat, leather and their heads are used as souvenirs across the world.

We plan to adopt these beautiful creatures and breed them. Later releasing them in the wild so that the ever-decreasing population of this sublime herbivore can be given a boost.

The Future (Road Map)

Quarter Three

  • Contract deployment.
  • Website creation.
  • White paper.
  • CMC & CG listing.
  • Getting listed on different exchanges.
  • Hiring qualified professionals for promotional & marketing purposes.

Quarter four

  • Creating a conservation center for these majestic animals.
  • Hiring professionals to look after the adopted animals.
  • Adopting four pairs of endangered Mountain Goats.
  • Hiring professionals to look after the adopted animals.
  • Applying and getting listed on different exchanges.

Quarter One 2022

  • Holding community-driven polls for charity.
  • Opening up regional offices across North America, Central Asia, and South Asia.
  • Holding conferences and conducting awareness creating campaigns to enlighten people about the dangers that animals face because of human activity.
  •  Releasing the first batch of the self-bred Mountain Goats in the wild.

Quarter two 2022

  • Stay tuned.

We at Little Mountain Goat value our holders above everything, keeping this in mind the principles of tokenomics have been installed so no matter what happens your wallet keeps growing.

We want our holders to stay with us and the idea of a ten percent charge on each sale has been deployed.

  • 5% of the total 10% is added to the liquidity pool.
  • 5% of the total 10% is redistributed amongst all the holders.

The team at Little Mountain Goat believes that transparency is the key to creating a platform that provides a level playing field to all.

The Marketing and charity wallets would only be tapped into when a set amount has to be withdrawn for the declared purposes.

We are of the view that nothing is impossible given the right ingredients, we can change the perception of Crypto and make it a fair game to all.

Little Mountain Goat is a bep20 token and is powered by Binance smart chain.

The contract address is as follow: 0x61a3bfa69b2e42d665c9d98379f465c8d0fe6a73

Little Mountain Goat plans to get listed on multiple exchanges with different pairs for a particular purchase but for now, it can be bought with BNB/LMG pairing at pancakeswap.

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